During a long flight, I was tired of not knowing where to place my bag so I could easily access my belongings while also finding a comfortable way to use my tablet to watch series and movies.

Travel bags are not adapted to a frequent traveler’s needs, making the trip less enjoyable.

What if we could change that? Join us in our adventure to launch the perfect travel bag!



When traveling, we often place our bags in hard-to-reach overhead compartments or stow them under the seats. Our bags only serve to store our belongings and when we want to use our tablets and smartphones, we are forced to hold them in uncomfortable positions for many hours...

What if you could have your bag in front of you while also comfortably using your devices?

After a lot of reasearch I could not find a travel bag that suited my travel needs...

I decided then to start this fascinating personal project to design the perfect travel bag:

I thought about all the essential belongings that you might need when traveling and how and where to place them. However, the hardest part was devising how to allow for easy access to the bag and on top of that, how to put a screen on it...

Then I found the right team to develop the product. And after some years of hard work on designs, endless meetings, tests and more tests, we were able to create a travel bag that is both unique in the world and ideal for travelers!

Thanks to its patented mechanism, you will have your bag and your device in front of you. With Seitɸnbags®, traveling will be more comfortable and enjoyable!



Organizing your essential items in the perfect bag

¿Did you know...?


is the second step in the Japanese 5S methodology and it involves organizing the essentials.

Organization is fundamental in increasing efficiency and reducing stress.

Isn´t this the best approach to travel?


is the number that symbolizes divine proportion and has been the source of inspiration for many artists.

Son of a painter and an architect, I grew up influenced by the importance of proportions in design.

When I first learned about this geometric concept during my years studying mechanical engineering, I fell in love with this theory. It shocked me so I decided that the bag would respect these proportions as much as possible.




Our team

From Barcelona to the world!

All the product development has been done in Barcelona.
We design and manufacture all the prototypes with companies that are relevant in their field, that love what they do and, just like us, aim to improve the traveling experience.







Caroline Burlot

Communication & Marketing







Pascual Junquera

Engineer & Founder














Make traveling more comfortable and enjoyable!









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